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Fun Day


In response to the increasing importance of STEAM education, we provide on-campus golf courses from a scientific and technological perspective to schools. The course allows students to understand how golf sports are influenced by technological developments, and how the equipment can relate to science. The on-campus service includes after-school courses or Fun Day. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

Youth Education

Let more students access it

We collaborate with local NGOs to provide low-entry barrier courses, allowing more young people to have access to golf sports. At the same time, we also promote the second career of the elderly through golf sports, and promote the values of intergenerational harmony. Local primary and secondary schools are welcome to inquire.


Golf Tour

Explore the fusion of technology and sports,
Ignite your new chapter in STEM learning!

Our journey begins with a hands-on golf experience, from basic swing actions to golf course etiquette. Next, we move to indoor golf course to experience the differences that technology brings to golf. Finally, we will guide you to participate in the certificate examination of the China Golf Association, so your efforts and learning can be recognized and verified.

We look forward to meeting you on the green!

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