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About Us

Our focus is on nurturing a love for golf among youths and children. Alongside this, we also emphasize STEM education in our lessons, integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the sport to offer an enriching and holistic learning experience. We are passionate about breaking down barriers and changing perceptions that golf is an inaccessible sport. By introducing golf in a more friendly and approachable manner, we aim to make this enriching sport a part of the local community.



From Innovation and Technology to Education


Since STEAM has become a government education blueprint, as one of the few innovative technology research and development companies in the golf field in Hong Kong, we hope to apply our research and achievements into teaching materials, combining traditional golf training, and promoting golf sports to the community to inspire students' interest in STEAM and golf.

Our portable golf simulator allows us to bring golf to any location and highlight the STEAM concepts involved in the sport.


Practice Is Better Than Theory

We welcome you to join our Golf Tour. This is a specially designed itinerary, whether you are a school student or a parent-child group looking for quality time together, we have meticulously planned the best journey for you. Our goal is to let every participant start from zero, delve into the sport of golf, and at the end of the journey, receive a certificate from the China Golf Association, validating your efforts and learning outcomes.

In our journey, we emphasize STEM elements. Golf is not just a sport, but a practical field that integrates multiple disciplines such as physics, mathematics, and engineering. This is a learning tour, through which we hope that every participant can deeply understand golf, and gain both fun and knowledge from it.



Cultivating the Interest in Golf


Explore new horizons in golf training. Our courses combine real golf course experiences with the China Golf Association's exams, setting us apart from traditional coaches and making students' learning progress clearly visible. With our track record of serving more than 2,000 students annually in schools, we have honed our expertise in this field.

We boast a team of professional coaches, ensuring that students receive systematic training and acquire all the necessary skills within a predetermined time frame, rather than teaching based on an individual's  preference. Our course locations include both indoor and outdoor driving ranges, as well as real golf courses, allowing students to learn and experience the joy of golf in various environments.


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